In Holland, if you have any suggestion to or complaint about hospitals, you can put it at www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl. Can this simple solution a real one to deal with corruption in hospitals and medical disputes? In China, numerous accusations through the internet and phone call are made but the problems remain unchanged.

toegang https://www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl/

If you are in Holland, it’s much easier if you want to settle some medical disputes. Just log in www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl or call 088-0306900 to make your accusations or complaints.

www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl can be found since 2011 on Google Research. Its browse rate jumped in June 2013 but later went back down and it surged again in May 2014.

Analysis on its visitors:
The visitors of www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl mainly come from southern Holland, with most users in Gelderland, followed by North Brabant and South Holland.

Relevant information:
The IP address of www.ervaringmetziekenhuis.nl is and registered in Britain. It ranks 7,093,644th globally on the Alexa List, with the relevant keywords being “ervaring met ziekenhuis” and its PR being 2.